Works by Gino Baffo

Robert Phillips

In collaboration with:
Agnese Tonelli

4th-19th April, 2015

Saturday, 4th April, 2015

Castello 925, 30121, Venice

Info and overtime openings:
please call +39 328 9293688



At first there was a book with stories of people and things written on it, that book spoke of rules and laws, that book contained words that were intended to last in time. But time took it elsewhere, concealed from words and eyes, and it shows anyway, still and solemn, in its ancient guise. The time has laid down on its pages hard stone and lime and bricks, the water has rocked it and the hands have taken it, on its covers and pages compassionate patches sew the tears, and a wire made of hard steel surrounds it. Now, that book knows how to tell a city.

“Libri”, works by Gino Baffo that are deeply conceptual and often hard for us (and for the maker, either) to understand. Here stands his need to re-read and almost re-examine the works to better understand the impulse that led to their assembly, to investigate their inner aspects and deeply understand the world in which the artist has been led by his inspiration.

This research gave birth to the photos of this exhibition, small details, views of details that isolate and frame enclosed spaces containing precious clues, maps for the comprehension of the whole they glorify, in their essence, colours and weavings that would not be noticed otherwise.

On the bird-eye views of these topographies, Baffo, as a good traveller, makes comments and notes about new details and new directions, enriching those precious pilot books with the indispensable streets and accesses to the remote lands of his Venetian dream.

Castello925 | Centro ricerca arte contemporanea
Fondamenta San Giuseppe
Sestiere Castello, 30121 Venezia
Vaporetto stop: Giardini-Biennale